Helping To Grow Your Small Business – Introduction Get Busy Growing Blog, Introduction

Welcome to Get Busy Growing (GBC).  GBG is a new blog with a focus on growing your small business. We hope you will consider us your resource when it comes to strategy and solutions for business growth.  GBG is linked to and part of the consulting group EnerVize, The Small Business Growth Strategist – .We’ll write about all areas of small business growth and discuss the strategy, drive, risks, rewards and fears of growing your small business. We’ll tackle the monumental goal of taking your business to its next level of profitable growth. GBG will offer advice, plans, methods and maneuvers to help you reach your growth goals. In doing so, you can expect discussions on the following:

  • Strategy and Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing, Social Media and Content (blogging)
  • Sales
  • Change Strategy and Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Helpful Tips and Ideas

Since growth is a challenge during all stages of the business lifecycle, Get Busy Growing will help any small business, from the start-up to the mature, struggling to achieve their next level of profitable growth. All businesses plateau at one time or another. Our mission is to help you move beyond that plateau to the next level of financial success. In doing so, we look toward the C’s – the tools of Communication, Coaching, Consulting and Comforting so you and your organization can CLIMB. We’ll sit back while you gain knowledge from our weekly communication or we can become a little more involved with coaching. If that doesn’t suit your needs, we offer comprehensive consulting to match your requirements. We sincerely hope our business will help to ensure the growth you have envisioned for your business.

In putting the final touch on this inaugural issue of Get Busy Growing here are few final thoughts:

• This will be the last time we talk about us. Going forward it’s about you, your organization’s challenges, desired solutions and expected outcomes.

• Get Busy Growing and are your universal knowledge bases for small business growth solutions. Please tell us what you need and how we might help you achieve your dream.

• We truly care about your business success and wish you much happiness as you grow and prosper.

Let’s Get Busy Growing